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Monday, September 12, 2011

Parachute Play

Leah launches her parachute from the porch 
Photo credits:  Seth Chrisman
An adult will need to help with assembly of the parachute--but no help needed for all of the fun afterwards! Let your child do as much as he or she can with your guidance.

What You Need:

Plastic grocery bag
string or ribbon
small action figure, metal washer, or other object to float
Oliver completes construction of his parachute
 Here's What You Do:
 (an adult guides this part)
*Cut the plastic bag down the side and across the bottom to lie flat.
*Measure a 10" X 10" square and cut out.
*Poke a hole with a pencil or hole punch near each corner of the square.
*Cut 4 24" lengths of string ribbon or yarn and thread one through each hole.
*Use tape to attach string and reinforce hole.
*Keeping all four strings as even as possible, attach the other ends to a small     object or action figure toy as the "parachuter."

Your child can stand on a chair, table, porch, or launch the parachute from a deck or hill outside.  If you make more than one, you can experiment with racing, or trying different parachuters of different weights.  What will happen if the object is heavier?  What happens if it is windy outside? 

To Infinity and Beyond!!!!

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  1. It's been awhile since we've done these. I'm glad I have the instructions here now!