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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Solar Power--Create a Sun Print :)

Young artists can capture the energy of the sun by making a sun print!  Craft stores sell kits and paper, but you can also use construction paper--dark colors work best. 

All you need is a sunny day, (sometimes hard to come by here in Seattle) dark construction paper, and some imagination in choosing objects to "print".  Take your time wandering the yard and selecting interestingly shaped leaves, flower blossoms, mushrooms, rocks, small branches, pinecones.....

Place the paper down in a sunny spot--late morning or after so the sun is high in the sky. Arrange the chosen objects on the paper in any design you like. If it's a breezy day, you may need to secure the paper with tape on the back, or rocks to hold the corners.  Leave the paper and the natural items in place for several hours.  The sun will fade the construction paper, but leave a silhouette of where each object protected it from the sun. You can frame your creation, or fold it to make notecards.

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