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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Ice Fishing Game

Adam displays a fine catch!
(all photo credits:  Seth Chrisman)
Here's What You Need:
large bowl filled with water
ice cubes
container of salt
pencil, or wooden spoon

Here's What You Do:
Make a "fishing pole" by tying a foot-long length or yarn or string to a wooden spoon or pencil.
Add a couple dozen ice cubes to a large salad or pasta bowl filled with cold water. Place the empty small bowl near the bowl of ice.
Your fisherman chooses an ice cube and dangles the end of his or her yarn so that a half-inch or so is in contact with the cube.  Pour a bit of salt over the end of the yarn and the cube.  Wait a few moments, and then when the yarn is lifted gently, the cube will lift out of the water.
     See how many ice cube "fish" each player can lift and move to a smaller bowl during his or her turn. Ask the players what kind of fish they are catching.  Is it a salmon, trout or catfish?--Or maybe a shark or whale! 
     Salt melts the ice and it quickly re-freezes with the yarn.  The strategy lies in figuring out how much salt to use and how long to wait before lifting out the cube.  It will take a little experimenting!
Basic science vocabulary to introduce:
Matter:  anything that has weight and takes up space.  All matter is made up of tiny particles called molecules.
Liquid:  a substance that flows, like water.  The molecules move about freely.
Solid:  a substance that is stable, like ice cubes.  The molecules are tightly packed and don't move. Ice is the solid form of water.
Freeze:  When the temperature is so cold, a liquid substance becomes a solid.


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