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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Eggs in a Basket--cozy breakfast fare

Little ones love cooking eggs in a piece of toast!
Older children can break the egg and tip it into the prepared bread:  Younger children can scramble the egg first.  

Here's What You Need:
*Toasted bread, or waffles-or a bagel, cut in half
*Butter, or cooking spray
*small bowl  and fork to scramble eggs.
*Heart-Shaped or other shape cookie cutter, or a simple drinking glass to make a circle

Here's What You Do:
*Toast a piece of bread, waffle or bagel
*Have your child press a cookie cutter or drinking glass into the middle of the bread or waffle to make a hole--the bagel already has one!
*Show your child how to crack an egg on the edge of a bowl and empty it into the bowl.  Alternately, have your child hold an egg in the palm of his or her hand.  Demonstrate giving the egg a whack with a table knife and then pulling the two halves apart to empty the egg into the bowl.  If you are willing to sacrifice a few eggs, this process is fascinating to children, and a good skill to practice and learn.

*Let your child whisk the egg with a fork.  
*Place a cold frying pan on the table.  Grease with butter, or use cooking spray.
*Have your child place the prepared bread into the center of the pan.  
*Your young chef can pour the whisked egg from the bowl into hole in the bread.

*For safety,you take over now by heating the stove and frying the "egg in a basket" as your child watches. Flip and cook on both sides.

A few books featuring eggs......

By Michael Dahl


  1. Yum! Now I know what we're making for breakfast on valentines day!

  2. You just added a touch of class to one of our favorite breakfasts. I love the idea of cutting a heart out of the middle of the bread. It looks so cute and professional!