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Friday, July 22, 2011

It's Cherry Season......

After enjoying a fresh fruit snack, try planting the pits and see if you can start your own orchard!
The Cherry Tree
(author unknown)

Once I found a cherry stone,

I put it in the ground,

And when I came to look at it,

A tiny shoot I found.

The shoot grew up and up each day,

And soon became a tree.

I picked the rosy cherries then,

And ate them for my tea.

The following link is to an easy cherry cobbler recipe that calls for two pounds of sour cherries, pitted.  You may want to invest in a cherry-pitting gadget and enlist your young helpers to prepare the fruit: Fresh Cherry Cobbler

A few years ago, Matthew was working at a nursery and he gave me a young cherry tree for Mother’s Day.  It is a hybrid with five different types of cherries growing on one tree!  Even that first year it had beautiful white blossoms, and we got a few cherries.  In subsequent years, I looked forward to harvesting more fruit, only to find that the birds ate them all as soon as they were ripe.  I tried covering the tree with netting, but the birds were sneaky and foiled that plan.  This year, we have beautiful fruit, and the birds haven’t touched it.  I’m giving credit to our Bombay cat, Sachi, who is the sweetest kitty ever, but a fierce hunter, too.  Now that we have her stalking the front yard, the birds must be afraid to steal our cherries!

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