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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Botanical Rubbing Art

Rubbings are magical for children--as they press the crayon to the paper, the image gradually appears.

Photo credit:  Seth Chrisman
Besides beautiful botanical prints, you can also make a game of the rubbings and place a mystery object underneath the paper.  As the image appears, your artist can guess what it is!  I used puzzle pieces, keys, sandpaper, and books with raised embossing.

Here's what you need:

plain white paper
crayons with the paper removed
leaves or other objects with interesting texture

Here's what you do:

*tape a piece of paper to the table.
*place the leave or other object under the paper.
*secure with tape
*show your child how to hold the crayon flat side down and press rather firmly to rub the crayon up and down over the paper.

The same technique can be used to make bark rubbings on a tree trunk.
A tree's bark is like its protective outer skin.  You can sometimes identify trees by examining the bark
My Friend Tree (a poem)
My friend tree, my friend tree
Roots on you are like feet on me!

My friend tree, my friend tree
Trunk on you is like trunk on me!

My friend tree, my friend tree
Bark on you is like skin on me!

My friend tree, my friend tree
Branches on you are like arms on me!

My friend tree, my friend tree
Leaves on you are like hands on me!

GREAT books about TREES! (click on link for listing)

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  1. We did some more leaf rubbings the other day- such a simple, fun activity!