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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Go Fish!

Apollo attracts an octopus with his magnetic fishing rod. (all photo credits:  Seth Chrisman)

This fishing game has endless variations, built-in teaching moments and lots of fun!  You can talk about sea-life, magnets, and the sport or occupation of fishing.  Your child will exercise skill, strategy, judgement and perseverance.  You can "fish" inside or outdoors, weather permitting.  It can be done with one child or many.  When I brought out the wading pool and told Apollo we were going fishing, he said "I'll go turn on the water hose."  No water required for these fish though--the secret to the catch is magnetism!

Here's What You Need:

Colored paper
roll of stick on magnets (I found mine at Jo-Ann Fabrics) Alternately, you can just attach a small magnet for each fishing pole)
paper clips (jumbo works best)
implement for fishing pole (examples: bamboo sticks, wooden spoons, ruler, yard stick)
string or yarn

Optional:  wading pool, cardboard box--anything to serve as the lake, or ocean. You could use a blue blanket to make a pond or river on the floor.

Here's What You Do:

Cut fish and sea life designs from colored paper.  You can go free hand, or use this template:  Fish Template

If you found the stick-on magnet strips, you can cut a small piece and stick it on each fish.  If not, simply put a paper clip on each shape.

Tie a piece of yarn or string to one end of each pole, and attach a magnet at the other end.

Put the fish, magnet side up, (or any way with the paper clip) on the floor or in the wading pool or your "ocean."

Give each child a fishing pole, and let the fun begin!
Apollo and Sunshine snagged the same fish!

Click on the link below to listen to one of my favorite songs featuring a variety of fish (the kids LOVE this one!)

"Octopus" by Charlotte Diamond

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  1. The kids loved the fishing game and that song- the kids want to sing it all the time. I am using this for my next preschool lesson. Thanks!

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