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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Cool Pool Party!

Rachel, Julia, and Drew Nelson create contemporary art! This is a great cooperative art project for groups of kids.


Plastic wading pool
Large paper to fit bottom of pool
Various colors of liquid tempera paint
Balls of different sizes and textures:  golf ball, tennis ball, dog ball,
     baseball, koosh balls.
Containers, one for each paint color, to dunk balls.

·      Make sure kids are wearing paint clothes—this one is really messy!

·      Place a ball in a container of paint and roll it around until it is well-covered.

Use tongs to lift the ball and place it in the wading pool, which is lined with paper cut to fit.  (Doesn’t have to be exact)

Have three or four artists pick up the pool and tilt it this way and that so that the paint-covered ball makes tracks.  Try one ball at a time, or several colors at once.
Drew, Cole, Rachel and Julia Nelson

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