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Monday, August 8, 2011

Fingerpaint Artistes: create a true Messterpiece!

The most simple and easy fingerpaint mess-cipes:


Jug of liquid starch
Powdered or liquid tempera paint
Glossy fingerpaint paper, or other shiny paper works best, but you can use anything.

Make sure your artist is wearing old clothes, or covers his or her clothing.  This is a messy project!

Pour a small puddle of liquid starch into the center of the paper.  Add a squirt of liquid tempera, or sprinkle a spoonful of the powdered tempera into the starch. Let your artist mix and spread the paint all over the paper by hand.  When the paper is covered, make designs with fingers, (elbows and arms work, too).

Some children really do not want to get their hands dirty—if this is the case, you can also make designs with a brush or any interesting object.

Move the finished artwork to a drying area covered with newspaper.

Shaving cream fingerpainting…….

All you need is a can of shaving cream, a tray or a cookie sheet and some kids who want to have fun!

Squirt a few mounds of shaving cream onto a surface, and let your artists smear to their hearts’ content!  (wearing paint shirts or aprons is a good idea, too.)

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