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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Egg head friends

Fast growing grass seeds give 
your friends a good hair day..... can also use a flower pot, a paper cup or any other sort of container.

Here's What You Need:
*empty egg shells or
*flower pot, paper cups, etc.
*empty toilet paper roll, cut into rings as a base for the egg shells.
*Potting soil, or soil from your garden
*grass seeds
*markers or craft materials to create "faces"

Here's What You Do:
*Next time you cook with eggs, break them near the top of one end (to give as much container space as possible) and rinse them.
*Let your little gardener decorate the egg shells or containers to create faces for their "friends." If you are using egg shells, make a stand for each one by cutting rings for an empty toilet paper roll. Place each shell on a stand.
*Your child can scoop potting soil into each egg shell or flower pot.  
*Moisten the soil and scatter grass seeds in a thick layer on top. Place another very thin layer of soil on top of the seeds and moisten again.  (a spray bottle works well for watering--it will help your child avoid over watering).
*Give your friends a nice home in a sunny place like a windowsill, spray their heads with water daily, and watch for the seeds to sprout! Within a few days you'll see some green fuzz appear.

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